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Playlist: Freeze The Atlantic’s influences

With their new album, The People Are Revolting out on Friday, Freeze The Atlantic put their heads together and curated a playlist based on the tracks that have influenced their sound


All of the following songs have had a direct or subliminal influence on our music:


Boys of summer By Don Henley

This is one of those songs where it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. We always stop to listen to this classic! We love the space created by the production and the guitar tone is pretty special. It is definitely a song you sit on a beanbag with a good set of headphones on and zone out.


Safe Harvest By Headswim

A classic song by a much-missed band. The riff at the end blows my socks off every time! This track/band are a constant influence for everything we bring to Freeze the Atlantic.


I’d like your hair long By HUM

One of our favourite songs by one of our biggest influences.


The Wrong Horse by Down I Go – Iceland Extras –

Because it’s got a rad drum groove and the band is worth checking out.


Runnin’ Down A Dream by Tom Petty

Great riff, nice production and it reminds us of playing GTA.


A.M. 180 by Grandaddy

Because it sounds a bit like Weezer and has annoyingly catchy melody.


Alive With The Glory of Love by Say Anything

Cracking song, great lyrics and incredible performances.


At Your Funeral by Saves the Day

Genius writing, amazing organic production and reminds me of all the good times.


Good Things by Rival Schools

Massively influential band, flawless song. Walter Schreifels is a genius songwriter and we’ve been a big fan of his throughout all his projects.


Savoury by Jawbox

The perfect song in my book. So good in every way. Later covered by Deftones and Jonah Matranga from Far, it’s been a stand out track for us over the years and hugely influenced our song writing.



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