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EP Review: I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself by Westing

Westing release their new EP I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself on 14th April. With this album Westing departs from their previous quiet acoustic sound and introduces a whole new intensity, expanding into a full band post-hardcore sound.

“After several solo shows, I quickly realized playing quiet acoustic songs by myself is not what I want to do. I need to be loud.” – Matt Mascarenas

Matt Mascarenas started Westing as a solo project in 2015. In what began to keep his musical creativity alive when he wasn’t touring, Westing quickly became an ongoing pursuit, releasing a series of impromptu acoustic singles and splits.

Now revelling in its new punk rock guise you’ll find Westing to have a more complete sound, it has the feel of a full-time project rather than another creative release / side project. In I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself you have 5 post-hardcore tracks of the highest calibre.

‘Skipping Beats’ opens in a blaze of blistering guitars and triumphant vocals, sounding akin to a band that have been doing this for years. ‘With You’ is the standout track of the EP, modern post-hardcore with a punk edge, executed with aplomb. There’s the sense that Mascarenas has taken a guide from Citizen and Title Fight and harnessed it with the instantaneousness of Basement. There’s potential within ‘With You’ to make Westing huge.

‘Burn’ throbs with fizzing riffs and a big chorus before ‘Hide Your Heart’ lays on emotion with a bitter sounding take on splitting up with a partner. Simmering with aggression it showcases the strength of this new version of Westing. EP closer ‘Keep Fighting’ rounds things of in style, assured and measured post-hardcore stretching the band’s sound and solidifying the view that this is Westing at their very best.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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