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Album Review: 1994 World Series Champions by Isotopes

Canadian punks Isotopes release their new album 1994 World Series Champions on 13th April via Stomp Records (CA) and Destiny Records (EU). Pioneers of the baseball punk (no we didn’t know this existed either) the album showcases the band’s vast baseball acumen and sharp clubhouse wit. Throughout the record, the band makes reference to many classic moments such as Hall Of Famer George Brett shitting his pants in the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Jose Canseco blowing his own finger off while cleaning his pistol, and the time George Constanza steamrolled Bette Midler at home plate, sending her to the hospital.

Operating like a punk rock all-star team, the Isotopes have seen over 40 players come through their ranks, including members of the Real McKenzies, Exploding F**k Dolls, Vibrators, DOA, Nervous Talk, and Dee Cracks, none of whom have played every show. You’d think it’d lead to a fractured sound but the crux of 1994 World Series Champions is based on how tight and together the band are. Polished and honed to within an inch of its life, Istopes’ sound sticks rigidly to the old-school pop punk template.

Not that you’ll get much chance to appreciate it, the 10 tracks clock in at just shy of 20 minutes. Over in a flash, it’s a fleeting yet raucous and thrilling run through of Ramones / Buzzcocks style punk. As you’d expect each track takes the form of a short, spikey and infectious punch to the face.

While tracks like ‘What We Do Ain’t Secret’, ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Rochelle Rochelle’ are instantaneous punk home runs, it isn’t anything new or original. This could be any pop punk band from the last 40 years, even the baseball niche doesn’t make it standout that much. To be perfectly honest the baseball shtick is a little lost on us.

Enjoyable but ultimately pretty forgettable.

AD Rating 5/10

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