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Album Review: Leda by Trachimbrod

Trachimbrod release their second album Leda on 3rd April via Dog Knights Productions (UK), Through Love Rec. (GER) and Zegema Beach Records (CAN). Hailing from Stockholm/Malmö, Sweden Trachimbrod serve up a unique blend of screamo and shoegaze characterised by catchy drums and jangly guitar melodies combined with unique and emotional vocals.

From the band themselves, “The sound is a mere reflection of what is inside of us and the music as result is the physical constitution of this, don’t get cut up in superficial things like appearance or hypes, look beyond this and I’m sure you can sense when something feels genuine to you. When music taps into that place inside of you the music is good.

Music can in some ways be a catharsis of the divine yet tragic circumstances of human existence. If you know that life can be exhilarating good at times and excruciating terrible at others you know that it’s working properly. Be sad, or happy and allow yourself to feel these feelings fully, don’t become a corporate zombie and don’t take out your frustration on others in destructive ways. Sometimes we need something to remind us of this and shake us up from our slumber. To be awake is to see things for what they really are.”

As such, Leda is a genuinely honest and emotionally compelling album. Imagine Touche Amore with a blend of Mogwai and Suis La Lune and you’ll be on the right track. As you can imagine it isn’t always an easy listen. In the screamo parts you’ll find it a little chaotic and jarring, yet it’s the emotion bubbling just below the surface that carries each track through. Naturally the vocal style and language barrier could raise some problems in the lyrical content being lost in translation. May that as it be, the emotion at the heart of every word is obvious – it’ll connect and resonate.

Musically Leda is an excellent album, the challenging moments end up rewarding and sumptuous in equal measure, whether it be the gentler tones of opener ‘Rum Utan Fonster’ or the more chaotic hardcore tones of ‘Begransad’ or ‘Medskyldighet’ you’ll find assured composition and adventurous tracks. The latter is especially good as it segues from all out hardcore into shoegaze exploration. ‘Hjarnspoke’ is another standout track as its quiet beginnings blossom into an intricate groove with some top-notch guitar melodies. ‘All Är Som Det Alltid Var’ should be your go to track, summing up the progressive sound of Trachimbrod perfectly.

AD Rating 7/10

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