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Alt Dialogue’s 2017 Quarter 1 Review

Last June we bought you a mid-year review, why not improve upon that and give you the first quarter review of 2017?

Three months in and it has been a big year for Alt Dialogue, we launched a new playlist feature where bands curate a themed playlist. It been a big success with a lot variation, we’ve certainly been introduced to a wealth of new tracks. Highlights have come from Waking Aida, Provoker and Toy Mountains.

We’re now into fourth year and the continued growth and development of the site has been a pleasure. We got a tentative facelift at the start of the month with a new logo and new site font, with all socials following suit. Baby steps, but there’ll be big changes latter in the year. Traffic wise we’re having an exceptional 2017, visitors and views have more than double compared to the same period last year. Thank you!

We’ve also been able to bring you the premiers of new singles from Harrison Rimmer and Our Nameless Boy along with exclusive streams from Logan Pace and Heatseaker. Check them out.

With all that, our main bread and butter is still album reviews and we’ve tackled a whopping 49 albums. As such, that’ll be our focus for the month by month first quarter review…

Japandroids gave us the standout album for January. It marked a movement towards stadium rock with more longevity than their previous two. AFI and Cloud Nothings both returned with excellent albums, the latter exceeded all expectations. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes toned it down a few too many notches on their second album, now that the dust settled it just doesn’t stand up to the debut. Other notable releases from Endless Floods and Glories.

We had big expectations for the new Menzingers album and it didn’t disappoint. It’s the stand out album for February and 2017 so far. It’s hard to imagine it not being our album of the year. We found a hidden gem in the form of Belgian post hardcore act Every Stranger Looks Like You with the superb debut that is still on constant rotation here. Los Campesinos! made a triumphant return with Sick Scenes, but there were some duds too with lacklustre efforts from Super Snake, Piano Wire and Hide Your Eyes.

Waowzers, March was a phenomenally busy month. 23 album reviews in total. There was some real gems in the post-rock of sleepmakeswaves, Vasudeva and Telepathy, with powerful return to form records from Pulled Apart By Horses and Minus The Bear and the heaviness of OHHMS. Creeper lived up to expectations with their debut and there were storming new albums from Mastodon and Sorority Noise. Special praise must be reserved for the stand out album from Pallbearer – progressive heaviness at its best.

Lets hope the next 9 months are just as good!

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