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Album Review: The Museum Of Everything by Wax Futures

Telford 3-piece Wax Futures release their new mini-album The Museum Of Everything on 31st March. Marking a departure from 2014’s A History of Things to Come, Wax Futures are preparing to drop a rip-rocketing ride through the math-rock, grunge-pop, post-hardcore unknown.

What you have are six thoroughly enjoyable tracks that sucker you in and take you on a roaring ride through big riffs, angst and big harmonies. Opener ‘Sand Castles in the Snow’ weaves its way between pop harmonies and post-hardcore riffs – it’s a little raw around the edges, lending a personal and endearing quality to proceedings.

‘Demographics’ sees the band head towards the Jetplane Landing take on post-hardcore, with a smattering of math rock thrown in, before ‘(My Body Is A) Landfill’ takes a more traditional post-hardcore approach. The latter is probably the most assured and well-structured track on the album, the chorus being especially forthright and engrossing.

Going into the final half of the album, it is apparent that there’s plenty of potential at the heart of Wax Futures – it just needs to be teased out a little more and they could be something special. ‘Wreck Of The Hesperus’ has a delightful math pop quality with the poppier moment delving into Futureheads levels of infectiousness.

The colossus opening riffs of ‘The 90s Called….’ are a delight before the jangly pop swagger kicks in and raises a smile as you’re taken for a trip down memory lane. ‘Brittle Bones’ is the band’s ambitious attempt at an epic album closer and they pull it off. Just shy of 8 minutes it takes you on a run through of the different sounds at the basis of Wax Futures – infectious post-hardcore, math pop moment and grungy riffs – excellent stuff.

A solid effort from a band that could, with time, become something very special.

AD Rating 7/10




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