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EP Review: The Length Of A Smile by Coast To Coast

Birmingham pop-punks Coast To Coast release their new EP The Length Of A Smile on 24th March via Fox Records. Drawing influences from bands like Real Friends, Turnover & Modern Baseball. Coast to Coast have developed a repertoire of songs which fly the pop-punk flag high and mighty but also show a keen willingness to push their sound outside of the genre’s norms. Singing songs with proud regional accents and tackling themes of loss and hopelessness with their lyrics, they are part of a flurry of new pop-punk bands aiming to drive the genre somewhere deep, genuine and personal.

As such it’s more than just your regular run of the mill pop-punk. Even with the distinctively English vocal this is closer to an American sound than the generic UK pop-punk of Neck Deep Et al. Setting themselves out from their UK peers Coast To Coast use The Length Of A Smile to confirm that they’re an essential listen.

Six tracks in just short of 20 minutes makes for a snappy and immediate EP. They’re all bangers too, opener ‘Ajax’ plays with all the gusto of the finest American punk rock before ‘Geranium’ and ‘Heredity’ take on a Midwestern emo revival edge. The latter is especially strong. ‘Post Graduation’ shimmers and glides between big triumphant riffs and quiet moments before ‘Stale’ sounds like an instant classic. Title track ‘The Length of a Smile’ sees the EP out in excellent style, like the rest of the EP, it lends heavily from an American emo pop-punk sound – for it to be done by an English band, with such aplomb, is refreshing and highly enjoyable.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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