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EP Review: A Love That I Still Miss by Catch Fire

Emo pop-punks Catch Fire release their new EP A Love That I Still Feel on 24th March via Rude Records. Ready to lay down their demos, the guys entered the studio for 3 weeks, opting to work with Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio, having developed a good chemistry with the producer during the recording for December 2016’s cover of Alessia Cara’s Wild Things.

Vocalist Miles Kent said of the EP, “Since I can remember, I’ve spent every day worrying more often than not, about something. Whether it’s been something trivial or something that might not even happen, or something important, I dwelled on them far too much. Needless to say it’s been pointless; it’s done nothing for me whatsoever. So, I wanted us to put something out, to which anyone else feeling troubled could find comfort in, and that it will help them realise that there really is no point stressing over things.” Continuing to wear their hearts on their sleeves the band comment: “This EP is the best we have to offer. It’s a product of sleepless nights and restless days, spent spilling our thoughts and ideas onto a blank canvas. We just hope people like it.”

Five tracks proper, with ‘Poise’, ‘Lucid’ and ‘Sinking’ taking the form of instrumental introduction, interlude and closer respectively. It’s big emo tinged pop-punk – infectious hooks, harmonies and emo lyrics – that’s bound to garner them a legion of teenage fans. We’ll make no bones about it, this is music aimed at a younger audience – take the sound of Neck Deep and Knuckle Punk and make it more accessible and you’ve got Catch Fire.

It’s not without its merits though, ‘Sylvester’ and ‘Guilty As Charged’ are good songs – unchallenging and simple – but decent none the less. Spikey and infectious it’s standard pop punk and not much more. ‘Thin Ice’ feels more like filler than anything else, while ‘Curfew’ and ‘Reality’ are pretty forgettable. Pop punk by the numbers

AD Rating 5/10

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