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EP Review: The Tales Of Our Youth by The Ultraviolet

Lincolnshire alt rock quartet The Ultraviolet release their new EP The Tales of Our Youth on 21st March. Five tracks of big accessible alt rock with a smattering of pop punk, you wouldn’t be surprised to see this being a huge success.

The band’s recent playlist for us should give you a flavour for what to expect. Essentially mainstream alt rock with all the big hooks and infectious choruses you could ever want. Opener ‘You’re Better On Your Own’ is the big call to arms moment, full of huge hooks and infectious riffs. Think bigger UK rock acts like Lonely The Brave and Deaf Havana and you’ll be on the right track.

‘Signal Fire’ and ‘I Wrote You A Letter’ are excellent tracks. The former sounds like akin to The Xcerts at their most infectious before the latter marries big hard riffs with quieter moments for the classic quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach. It shows the best of the band and should be your go-to track.

‘Wake Up Dead’ makes for a huge alt rock track that’d be fitting of any large venue before lead single ‘All I Need Is To Be Needed’ signs the EP off in the accessible pop rock that you’ve now become accustomed to.

While there mightn’t be anything new here, it is pop rock done to the highest standard. If accessible alt rock is your bag then this is essential.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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