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Playlist: Waking Aida – tour tunes

Waking Aida head out on a UK tour at the start of April, fittingly they’ve curated the ideal tour playlist. Check out their new single Shoal here.

Jacques Greene – Another Girl

Dance music (mixes in particular) are a god send for long journeys. The constancy really kills time (I really hope the tour van has a good sound system). Another Girl is 7 minutes of sunshine.


Blood Orange – Best to You

Driven, catchy and lovely sentiment. I’ve really grown to love the whole call and response male and female vocal thing. Hoping we can delegate parts in the tour van – I’m sure Adam would like that.


Everything Everything – Get to Heaven

Exciting and original guitar music is getting harder and harder to find but these guys are the best. The 3m mark always gives me chills.


Adam Betts – Fub

Two reasons for this one -1) Adam is supporting us on tour – he’s incredible 2) this song reminds me of Sonic 2. He should definitely consider getting into video game soundtracking.


Geotic – Actually Smiling

This is a new one. Downtempo electronica is a must for long journey’s especially when you’re playing shows every night, you can get burnt out on music.

We all love Geotic and Baths because it’s all pretty passive and l u s h.


Paramore – Proof

We had a really lovely drive in Switzerland listening to Paramore’s last record. The middle 8 is sickly sweet. A+ Pop rock.


El Ten Eleven – My Only Swerving

I’ll never ever get bored of this song it always makes me smile. Excellent road trip music.

Spotify Playlist:

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