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EP Review: Milo by Forget It.

Bay Area emo-gazers Forget It. are released their first solo effort, entitled Milo. Available in full on March 10th, the EP features four original tracks that fans and friends may recognize from their live shows. Building on the twinkly tracks from their debut split with The Unending Thread, Milo weds the familiar raw production and cranked guitars with an air of refinement.

“It feels really good to finally get these songs onto a physical medium and to put a name on it,” commented guitarist/singer Jacob Gill. “It’s snapshot of our experiences since we became a band a little over a year ago.” Milo will be available on cassette and CD via Old Press Records and digitally at

Simply put this is perfect introduction to the band, an excellent and enthralling trip through of 4 tracks of the highest standard. Opener ‘Drifting Away’ is a raucous emo number the gritty guitars play the perfect accompaniment to the impassioned vocal, it plays in contrast to the more refined and down tempo introspection of ‘Ten Dollars’. The latter might take a couple more listens to get into, although as listen go on it stands out as the strongest track on Milo.

The jingle jangle guitar work of ‘Paperhouse’ makes for an American Football – Weezer hybrid. The raw guitars again complement the vocal, but it’s the hooks that make this track standout – your go-to point. There’s more Weezer tones on closer ‘No Clean Clothes’ albeit with a little more urgency. As with the rest of the EP, it’s an excellent statement of intent.

AD Rating 7/10

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