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EP Review: Environmental Music by Porshyne

Brighton five-piece Porshyne release their new EP, Environmental Music, on 17th March. The contexture of the EP is a sound that sits somewhere between prog, alt-rock, electronic music and post rock. It’s a dynamic and heavily textured collection of tracks combining melodic vocals with intricate and carefully refined guitar work, which alternates between cinematic and darker, heavier phrases that are intertwined amongst complex rhythms and subtle electronic moments.

Speaking about the forthcoming EP, Fergal Lyden (Vocals/ Guitar) said, “We’re really happy about how the record has turned out and excited to get it out for people to listen to. Mark (producer) did an amazing job of capturing what we were aiming towards, and how representative we feel this EP is of us as a band is testament to that.”

Opener ‘Exit’ sounds like a ramped up more progressive version of Black Peaks. Moments of bombastic energy are tempered with searching atmospherics creating a sprawling and powerful track that hints at the talent within Porshyne. ‘Nadir (Only For The Best)’ takes a more measured and refined approach with sporadic waves of heavy riffs toying with the dynamics of the second half of the track. Then there’s the visceral crescendo that completes the track – wonderful stuff. If there were any doubts that Porshyne are something special, then this dismisses them. ‘Hubris’ is the band at their most accessible and your go-to point for an easy introduction to the diversity at the heart of the band.

An excellent statement of intent from the band. Keep your eyes on them, they’re going to be huge.

AD Rating 8/10

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