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Album Review: Possibility of Not by Parachute for Gordo

Aldershot experimental trio Parachute for Gordo release their new album Possibility of Not on 13th March via Rose Coloured Records. The album sees the group expand into visuals for the first time, with a suite of music videos to accompany every song on the record that also combine to create a feature-length short film.

For the new album, the band’s first with their new drummer and producer Mark Glaister, they decamped to the mountains of Austria and set up a mobile studio to expand and develop their sound while staying true to their tradition of self-production.

The recording experience was intense” explains guitarist Laura Lee “To be taken away from our day to day reality seemed integrally related to the recording of this album. We knew we wanted to step up our ambitions for this one, and this was an opportunity to experiment and make a record that really expressed who we are.”

Bassist John Harvey continues; “It was the best kind of DIY experimentation. With a million cables and bits of equipment we made ourselves a home for the weekend. It was a challenge, but some creative thinking and perseverance meant that we had a space that was both fully functional and remarkably peaceful. The feeling of sitting outside taking in the scale of the mountains and hearing the cows in the valley below will stay with me. That’s the secret vibe for the album.”

The blend of isolation and creative cabin fever is something that filters through into each of the 6 tracks. It’s a challenging listen as the band veer from sumptuous post rock on opener ‘Jellied Eels’ through to the math pop of ‘Wallet Moth’ via a cacophony of riffs in the blustering ‘Anemone To Matanee’. When they’re at their best it sounds natural and there’s something hypnotic about the repetitive riffs of ‘Wallet Moth’ that suckers you in, there are moments of wildness but confined within an overall structure.

You can’t say the same for their more experimental moments. ‘Anemone to Matanee’ is perhaps a jump too far with the noise rock seemingly barring no holds. ‘Gopher The Throat’ treads the line between electro infused post rock and experimentation with it coming in as an enjoyable listen for the most part.

‘Cornholio Slaps the Goose’ may challenge for title of the most ridiculously named track of the year however it sees Parachute for Gordo at their best again. The torrent of guitars and mathy structure feels like chaos could be around the corner, but every time it goes that way the band bring it in again. Overall, it’s a tight and measured track. Closer ‘Put Your Hands Up If You Like Sloths’ bounces between structured grooves and all out chaos and experimentation, a tough challenge but one that ends up being rewarding – much like the rest of Possibility of Not.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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