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Playlist: Our Nameless Boy and their influences

In advance of their new single ‘The Safe Bet That Wrecked My Heart’ on the 24th March, Iain from Our Nameless Boy curated a playlist of tracks which influenced the track and the band through 2013/2014.


Manchester Orchestra – Everything To Nothing

We’re all pretty big MO fans and so their albums are pretty much always on. This track seemed to permeate into the 1st verse of Safe Bet although I always thought the 2nd verse had more of an MO vibe for some reason.

Interpol – Slow Hands

An indie rock club classic; unremitting and always to the point with guitar and bass parts that don’t stray too far from each other.

The Republic of Wolves – Oarsman

Will and I love these guys, probably because they once got mistaken for Brand New.

From Indian Lakes – Breaking My Bones

We’ve been told we sound a bit like FIL, at least vocally. I guess there’s some similarity in the harmonies and quiet-loud ratios.

At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor

Aggressive, dynamic, crammed with hooks and delightfully shout-along-able.

More Than Conquerors – When The Well Runs Dry

These guys made an album that was completely to the point and slammed as a result – “When The Well…” is the longest track at 3.44! We apply this concise, fat-trimming ethos to our song-writing as much as possible. Until we make it big, then it’s back to the 7-minute songs from our first batch of demos.

Yearbook – I Could Be Anyone

Just an absolute jam that we were probably listening to around the time we were writing Safe Bet, which was way back in 2013. The unconventional structure of “… Anyone” is my cuppa tea ’til the kettle runs out.

Citizen – Roam The Room

Another big album opener, shouty layered vocals, and definitely on repeat in the car that year. And the year after.

La Dispute – Harder Harmonies

Probably an unusual choice but I love this band. Much as you’d find in LD songs, I usually find myself writing reams of lyrics and then having to cut a load out to never be used again. Safe Bet is something of a change from that with easily the fewest words I’ve written for an ONB song, but they were enough for what I wanted to accomplish, so no regrets.

Brand New – The Shower Scene

The beat addition in the mid-8 reminded me of this early Brand New tune as we were jamming it. Plus any excuse to throw in some Brand New

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