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EP Review: Reframe by Flicker Rate

17 year old multi-Instrumentalist Spencer Bassett a.k.a Flicker Rate releases his second EP Reframe on 10th March, this follows on from his successful debut EP released last year. Flicker Rate is an Instrumental, Guitar based Progressive, Post Rock / Math Rock Solo Project that fuses progressive ambient guitar playing with strong creative melodies and riffs.

Spencer Bassett was born and raised in England, East Sussex and recently moved with his family to Ireland Co. Sligo to start a new life. Flicker Rate first came to life in Feb 2016 when he released his debut self-titled EP while at the same time still being at school and being stressed with exam pressures, but it gained a lot of attention and turned out well reaching #3 in the Post Rock Chart and #6 in the Progressive Rock Chart on Bandcamp, alongside with many other sub genres.

Reframe sees Bassett growing as musician and creating a wonderfully assured and captivating EP. So strong, layered and ambitious is Reframe that you’ll find it hard to believe that this is the work of one guy never mind a 17 year old. None of the four tracks would sound out of place on an established math rock band’s third or fourth release. Opener and title track ‘Reframe’ builds in a toned done and confident math rock style before ‘Summit’ plays like caution has been thrown to the wind and Bassett is playing with a freedom that is so rare these days.

‘Spectrum’ has the hallmarks of math rock at its most accessible and beautiful. Tender and intricate, there’s post rock leanings yet it’s progressive enough that there’s similarities to Sargent House luminaries Mylets, Adebisi Shank and And So I Watch You From Afar. EP closer ‘Airspace’ is the moment you release the this is something special and Bassett’s potential is huge. Words won’t do it justice, get it listened to.

AD Rating 8/10

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