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EP Review: Don’t Get It by Empty Lungs

Belfast punk rock act Empty Lungs release their new EP Don’t Get It on 3rd March via Hidden Pony Records. Speaking on the release, vocalist/guitarist Kev Jones said, “Don’t Get It is by far the best 3 songs we’ve ever written and we’re so excited to get it out. We’re over the moon to be working with Hidden Pony Records. We’re super excited to be a part of the family.”

He goes on to say, “When we recorded these songs it seemed like a re-birth for our band, our second guitarist of 3 years had just left but the three of us are like a family unit after everything we’ve been through together and I think that shines through in the songs.” Never a truer word has been spoken, this is by far the strongest material in the band’s arsenal. Each of the three tracks contain big infectious hooks, a punk rock swagger and pop sensibility that suckers you in making them instant favourites.

Things have been far from straight forward for Empty Lungs. As well as the usual struggles of losing members, losing jobs and facing the financial strain of DIY touring there have been some more unusual setbacks. In 2013, Kev Jones found himself climbing out of a 2nd-floor window in the midst of a house fire that (after nearly killing him) left him homeless 2 weeks before the band’s first European tour. Cancelling was never an option and during that tour a bond was forged between members Mykie Rowan (Drums/Vocals), Conor Langan (Bass/Vocals) and Kev Jones and the determination to put every drop of energy into doing what they love was bolstered.

All of that goes into making Don’t Get It such a special and enthralling EP. Opener and title track ‘Don’t Get It’ feels like poppier, more instantaneous version of Cloud Nothings – short and snappy it’s a small window into the genuine potential at the heart of the band. ‘Losing It. Finding It’ steps things up a notch and is markedly stronger. Here you’ll find a gritty punk rock energy that feels fresh and invigorating, by the end you can’t help but join in and sig-along with the choruses of ‘Woahs’.

The best is left for last though and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the brilliant ‘Fragile’. Defiant punk rock lyrics give the track it’s heart but it’s insanely catchy hooks and blistering riffs that will make you put it on repeat.

Don’t Get It firmly cements Empty Lungs’ reputation as the most exciting bands to come out of Belfast in recent years. This a band realising their potential and they’ll surely only go from strength to strength from here.

AD Rating 8/10

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