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Album Review: Pleasantries by Decade

Decade released their second album, Pleasantries, on 24th February with it came an evolution of their sound from the straightforward pop punk of their 2014 debut Good Luck to a more assured grunge alt-rock. Naturally a lot of this comes with growing up, a darker more technical sound is a natural development.

It does Decade the world of good. Beforehand you could have been forgiven for dismissing them as run of the mill, now there’s a little more substance – it’s more likeable and less frivolous. Think of Basement with more of pop sheen.

Decade 2016

It’s a contemporary sound, rooted by emotive and searching lyrics playing against big hooks and soaring riffs. Opener ‘Human Being’ sets the tone of the new sound – going for a softer accessible alt rock sound interspersed with crashing guitars – introducing the quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach that makes up the majority of Pleasantries.

Tracks like ‘Anaemia’ and ‘Brand New Again’ show the ridiculously accessible side of Decade. Both are big pop rock tracks with a darker lyrical content hiding just below the surface. Along with the quieter ‘Peach Milk’ and immediate pop croon of ‘Can’t Figure You Out’ they’re the standout tracks of Pleasantries.

While Pleasantries is an enjoyable listen for the most part, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. It’s perhaps a little to accessible and unchallenging. Sure it’s going to give you an agreeable 30 odd minutes but you aren’t going to rush back. It’s the kind of album you’d recommend or stick on for the casual alt-rock fan, a 15-year-old or your mum. Take closer ‘Capsules’ as an example – it plays like an homage to Black Parade era My Chemical Romance.

If you’re a band looking for instant success that’s no band thing and Decade’s popularity will most likely grow exponentially. To us it’s just a step too far. Credit where credit is due though it’s a big step up in quality for Decade.

AD Rating 6/10

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