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EP Review: the long defeat by Provoker

Provoker release their debut EP, the long defeat on 6th March. The 5-piece band from Portsmouth (featuring former members of Munroe Effect, Housefires, Attention Thieves and Elephantis) came together through a mutual love of heavy, passionate music and explosive live performance. A hard hitting blend of hardcore, metal and punk this is a formidable debut.

While the long defeat may be full of pit churning riffs and atmospheric breakdowns it’s surprisingly accessible. Put the visceral lyrics and hardcore guttural vocal to one side and you’ll find the heartfelt melodies suckering you in. Opener ‘Admission’ blends the heavy riffs with accessible melodies with great aplomb, immediate and frantic you can help but fall in love with it.

Sit ‘Solitary’ and ‘Accountable’ beside each other and you can see the two sides of Provoker. The former goes for a more hardcore metal sound while the later mixes that up with a more infectious melodic hardcore style. Both are equally enthralling, but it is the latter that marks the band out as having the potential to be something very special.

‘Adopt_Adapt’ and ‘Empty’ both contain some excellent hardcore moments with the latter standing out as an excellent call to arms and announcement that Provoker aren’t a band to be fucked with. As debut EPs go the long defeat is excellent, this is a band with bags of potential. Get in on the action now.

AD Rating 7/10

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