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Playlist: Newcomers The Ultraviolet share their favourite tracks

In advance of the release of their new EP The Tales Of Our Youth on 21st March, Linclonshire alt rock act The Ultraviolet kindly put together a guest playlist for us. Check out their selections and always there’s a Spotify playlist at the end. (Selection by in brackets)


All Time Low – Remembering Sunday (Ben)
Juliet Simms’ guest vocals are the bomb, especially the live version on the ATL DVD. It really lifts the song and gives it a new depth and dynamic. It changes it up from a standard acoustic rock song to something more hardhitting and emotional.


Mayday Parade – When You See My Friends (Sam)
This is such a well-structured song, the way it punches with the chorus and ends softly. It really shows that the band thought a lot about giving the listener some variety and keeping them interested. The lyrics are really hard hitting too.


Twenty One Pilots – Goner (Emilio)
Goner is an emotional song about feeling alone and that you’re a nobody, and with us being a bit on the depressing side it is a great influence to my lyrical style! It shows you don’t always have to write about positive and upbeat themes, you can be honest with the listener without having to rely on clichés.


Mayday Parade – Oh Well Oh Well (Ben)
The song has a way of mixing 3 different choruses (lyrically) but still keeps flow and tells a story. Again, it shows a real dedication to their craft to try and mix things up and not rely on basic or straightforward song structuring.


A Day To Remember – Monument (Russ)
Such a banger! Nothing more needs to be said about it, it’s just an instant classic. This song really sticks out as one of my favourites by ADTR.


We the Kings – Check Yes Juliet (Russ)
This has probably been everybody’s favourite song at some point, as soon as those guitar notes come in you just know what’s coming!


My Heart is a Metronome – Pick It Up (Emilio)
We played with these guys back in 2014 when we played our first out of town gig. We loved their songs from the get go and their new EP definitely doesn’t disappoint.


Arcane Roots – Slow (Sam)
The guitar work in this track really inspires me as a player. Since hearing Slow I’ve always tried to incorporate similar licks and riffs into our music.


Nirvana – Aneurysm (Sam)
I remember playing this song on repeat when I was in school. The sheer power of this song had me hooked from the get go and really inspired me to want to start a band and play music with my mates.

Spotify Playlist:

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