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Album Review: Here Again by A Will Away

US 4 piece A Will Away will release their debut album Here Again on 3rd March via Triple Crown Records. “Here Again, much like its companion piece [EP] Bliss: Finding Comfort in the Pointlessness of Life; is a compilation of rock songs that choose to ask the bigger questions, realises that there aren’t a lot of good answers to those questions, and discusses how that feels.” states vocalist and guitarist Matt Carlson.

Take from that what you will. We’ll put it in layman terms for you, it’s a collection of big anthemic American emotive alt rock. Emo revival with a bit more oomph. Lyrically it casts a pretty bleak picture and while a cynic may say it’s a little contrived those thoughts can be cast aside when you consider A Will Away as a package – they’re more than some emo lyrics.

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For us it’s the music that sets A Will Away out from the crowd. It’s all emo revival with a healthy dose of punky guitars – think Boston Manor and Moose Blood. With less than a third of the tracks meeting the 3-minute mark each track acts as a short and snappy window into the core of the band. Lead single and title track ‘Here Again’ sums up the sound of A Will Away perfectly – elements of pop punk washed over alt rock, big hooks and the opportunity to sing-along and relate if your so inclined.

Overall it’s a thoroughly enjoyable with big tracks like ‘Better Reluctant’, ‘Caroline’, ‘Crochet’ and ‘Pay Rise’ standing heads and shoulders above everything else. The latter is especially worthy of praise with its big forthright chorus and blustering riffs. ‘Into the Light’ is the standout moment of the album, luxuriously catchy and immediate it’s a track that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Unfortunately, there’s some filler in here too. While not being bad, tracks like ‘Chemicals’, ‘Summon Your Savior’ and ‘The Shakes’ don’t make much impact and perhaps don’t have the quality of the high points. All said and done it’s a strong debut that is more than worthy of your attention.

AD Rating 6.75/10

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