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Playlist: Bad Pop give us their top tracks

Canadian raucous indie rockers Bad Pop are the latest act to get involved in our guest playlist. Check out their self-titled single below followed by their top tracks. As always there’s a Spotify playlist at the end. Can you guess their theme?


Daft Punk – Contact
This song takes you from Cape Canaveral to the outer depths of space in less than a minute.


Kid Cudi – Enter Galactic
A love song about taking some illicit substances with a special someone and traveling the universe together… until it wears off and you realize you’ve just been sweating in a tiny dark room with a bunch of strangers with glow sticks.


Johnny Cash – Highwayman
This song is the epitome of Johnny Cash’s drug fuelled rambling. After verses about thieves, sailors and hard worker dam builders, Johnny decides that he too has a story to tell. A story about being a starship pilot who turns into rain…


Spiritualized – Ladies & Gentlemen we’re Floating in Space
A song that perfectly captures the loneliness, helplessness and terror of living on a little planet aimlessly floating through space.


CAN – Mother Sky
When I think of “Space Rock” Mother Sky by CAN is always what come to mind. If you ever need to navigate your way through a meteor shower this is the song to do it to.


Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
This is prettiest Radiohead song that you’ve never heard. It’s about Harry Patch, who was the last living WW1 soldier. The guy made it to 111 years old and has seen the best and worst of humanity.    “I’ve had 87 years to think what war is. To me, it’s a licence to go out and murder. Why should the British government call me up and take me out to a battlefield to shoot a man I never knew, whose language I couldn’t speak? All those lives lost for a war finished over a table. Now what is the sense in that?”- Harry Patch


David Bowie – Across the Universe
David Bowie covering a Beatles song that appeared on “Young Americans”.  It’s probably the catchiest song ever written about transcendental meditation.  Probably…


Christopher O’Riley- Subterranean Homesick Alien
This is sure to be an instant classic standard when the first jazz club opens on Kepler 452-b.


The Helio Sequence – Satellite
A cover of an Elliott Smith song. Why shouldn’t space also get to experience the heartache of being a human? That poor orbiting moon… It doesn’t matter how much gravitation attraction it gives; we still push it away.

Spotify Playlist:

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