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EP Review: Haunt Me / Love Me by Blood Like Honey

Blood Like Honey release their new EP Haunt Me / Love Me on 3rd March. Be prepared, this is going to be huge.

This is big UK alt rock done to aplomb. For points of reference, think Dinosaur Pile Up at their most infectious blended with the instantaneous grit of Milk Teeth. From EP opener ‘100ml’ you know you’re onto a winner with Blood Like Honey, catchy and ballsy from the outset this is a band you can get excited about and really enjoy. ‘Foil’ has a touch of indie rock about it, think mid-00’s immediate hooks with the addition of big alt rock riffs and you’ll be on the money.

‘June’ shows the quieter side of the band before the track explodes into post-hardcore wonder. Again it’s immediate and feels like you’re being re-acquainted with an old friend. Straight to the point with no messing around, Blood Like Honey have nailed their sound and somehow worked out exactly what Alt Dialogue wanted.

Just when you thought the EP had peaked ‘Tim Roth’ blasts in with a torrent of hooks and big riffs. Breakdowns lead into huge sing-along moments and you can’t help but think that this is something very special. ‘Melatonin’ is an excellent EP closer and solidifies the thought that you might just have found your new favourite band.

AD Rating 9/10

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