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EP Review: Drown by Forfeits

Emerging UK rock trio Forfeits release their new EP Drown on 23rd February. Tracked by JB Pilon and produced by Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Allusondrugs), Drown is a collection of huge riffs and memorable hooks. As vocalist/guitarist Adam Silas puts it, “If you’re not moving your head within 3 seconds, you’re broken.”

Good, honest accessible rock is the order of the day. Forfeits do it with an aplomb you’d expect of a band long in tooth rather than an emerging band. Opener and title track ‘Drown’ is a big, balls out rock track, tight and highly polished there’s a storming Royal Blood edge, before the soaring riffs of ‘Walk’ and the bass groove of ‘Amy’s News & Liquor’ reminds you of big accessible late 90s rock. ‘Sick, Sick Sweetie’ shows the quieter crooning side of the band, make no mistake it’s every bit as good as the preceding tracks.

Sure this mightn’t be anything new sounding or challenging, but it is done to a very high standard. If you like your rock in the middle of the road and with a high quality finish, then you can’t go wrong with Forfeits.

AD Rating 7/10


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