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EP Review: In Sickness and Health by Acres

Acres release their new EP In Sickness & Health on 24th February. A mix of fierce riffs, hardcore energy and metalcore accessibility the EP showcases a band with bags of potential.

‘Overseer’ mixes thunderous riffs with an eye on making it accessible, any brutally is offset by the smooth and instantaneous chorus yet it retains enough power to make a big impression. ‘Miles Apart’ is decent without doing anything special before ‘Gloom’ comes in reminiscent of Funeral For A Friend at their heaviest and most accessible. It’s obvious what the band are aiming for, unfortunately they don’t really pull it off.

Title track ‘In Sickness and Health’ has the feeling of the bands big ambitious track, the guitars shoot for post rock territory briefly before reverting to standard post hardocre. There’s something special lurking below the covers though, with a bit of fine tuning and growth Acres could be an excellent band.

That said, there’s already quite a bit of mass appeal there. It’s all a little too easy at the moment.

AD Rating 5.5/10.

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