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Album Review: 40 Miles Of Static by Hide Your Eyes

Alt rock act Hide Your Eyes release their debut album 40 Miles Of Static on 18th February. A varied and raw album, the dual vocal 5-piece employ screams, cleans and some rap elements to form our own take on alternative rock. So varied it’d be near on impossible to pigeon hole them.

There’s moments where the band sound like Counting Crows, Marilyn Manson, Rage Against The Machine and 3 Doors Down. For the most part the varied sound works well, each track thrives as a standalone track – put them altogether into an 11 track album and your faced with some difficulties. Due to conflicting styles the album doesn’t flow.

Individually ‘Hopeless’ and ‘When The Rain Kicks In’ are good tracks. The former has a crooning Counting Crows feel to it while the latter feels like it borrows from a Blink-182 ballad. On 40 Miles Of Static they’re separated by the rap metal leanings of ‘Hate Me’ – not only is it the weakest track on the album it sticks out like a sore thumb.

‘A Letter Home’ and ‘Broken Toys (For Broken Boys)’ prove that Hide Your Eyes excel when they aim for a more laid back alt rock sound, the former being an album highlight. While the latter takes in elements of their more rambunctious side, it’s a little more refined and assured.

‘My Last Regret’ shows off the worst of Hide Your Eyes in chaotic and messy fashion while ‘Just Another Memory’ treads the line between the good and the bad. Being a self-recorded album it was always going to be a little rough around the edges, that in itself is part of the charm and the big redeeming featuring of 40 Miles Of Static. If they hone their sound a little and decide on a more streamlined direction Hide Your Eyes could be a very good act.

Maybe, as per the title of the album closer, ‘How About We Chalk This Up To Experience’.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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