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EP Review: Tigers and Lambs by Alter Eden

Alter Eden release their new EP Tigers & Lambs on 17th February. Following up from their 2015 debut Fearless this sees the band growing and evolving. A blistering 6 tracks of the highest standard, think a blend of Arcane Roots and Black Peaks.

Nick Pilgrim (vocals) had the following to say about Tigers & Lambs: “We’ve thrown everything into this EP, creatively, practically and figuratively. As all good records should, it lays bare where our lives are at the moment – in an “all or nothing” stage- we’ll give everything for what we do, and hopefully this comes across in our music. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it and get out playing it around the UK in 2017″.

Opener and title track ‘Tigers & Lambs’ takes a big nod towards Black Peaks – harnessing devilishly heavy riffs with instantaneous hooks, it comes out as a big statement of intent that suckers you in and makes you think there could be something special about Alter Eden. ‘Colourless’ and ‘Resent/Relent/Repeat’ have the potential to be huge alt rock tracks, treading the line between heavy rock track and accessible alt rock, it’s obvious that Alter Eden are going to be huge.

‘Only Human’ is solid but the weakest track on the EP, it aims for the same high ground as the preceding three tracks but falls just short. The riffs in ‘Count Your Sins’ are simply superb, while closer ‘We’ve Had Enough’ is a visceral and thrilling alt rock appeal that will have far reaching appeal.

This packs a serious punch and as statement of intents come the stall for fiery riffs and impassioned vocal work is firmly set in place.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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