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Introducing: Moe Meguro

Let us introduce you to Moe Meguro. With band members scattered over six thousand miles apart across two continents and a name borrowed from the Japanese Olympic curling champion, Moe Meguro is a melting pot of disparate styles. The 3-piece band consisting of Joseph Brandel and Bernie Gelman on guitars and Logan Bean on drums (with all three members covering vocal duty) convenes once or twice a year to write, rehearse, and record music back on their home turf in the Bay Area, California. Over that short span of time, the band collaborates on crafting intricate, sonically lush music drawing from Beatles-tinged power pop laced with harmonies to hazy shoegaze and a bit of math rock.


Moe Meguro’s 2016 self-titled album is as eclectic as their earlier work. Featuring a dreamy, fuzzy John Lennon cover (“#9 Dream“), a power pop symphony full of twists, turns, and layered harmonies (“CC“), a soft Mellotron tune in Japanese (“Jojo Too“), and of course, some good old fashioned rocking out (“Wisdombody“), the band brings a completely different flavor to every track, but the flow of the album holds together from song to song. The final pair of songs on the album (“Yura Yura” and “Motorbike → Famima“) bring the album to a climactic end, giving centre stage to twinkling guitar crescendos and a hypnotic, almost synth-like guitar loop.

Vinyl copies of Moe Meguro are completely sold out in the US and in Japan, but you can still buy the digital version on their Bandcamp page.

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