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Album Review: Anna, Don’t Disappear by Red Nightfall

Canadian indie-rock act Red Nightfall released their latest album Anna, Don’t Disappear in January. While we may be slightly late to the party, we caution you to get onto this as soon as possible. This a rousing, emotive slice of folksy indie-rock that suckers you in and mesmerizes for its duration.

A largely sombre affair that channels The Smiths, Radiohead and PJ Harvey it’s quite the varied album with slices of brass on ‘Tuxedo M’ and Chinese instrumentation on the wonderful ‘Interlude’. With album openers ‘Marian’ and ‘Fog Landscape’ there’s a little touch of Midwestern emo with lashings of Foxing style indie-emo. Both are extremely strong tracks, yet it’s a false dawn as the rest of the album doesn’t follow suit.

Rather than this being a bad thing, Anna, Don’t Disappear turns into a challenging and captivating alt indie-rock album of the highest standard. ‘Ballad’ lives up to its moniker and provides a chilled and measured track, complementing the almost post rock-esque interlude.

‘Tuxedo M’ challenges the listener with its wealth of different brass instrumentation and while being a good track, could be considered a little too busy. ‘St. Petersburg’ is the moment that Red Nightfall really excel, rammed with emotion and measured guitar work it’s the most immediate track on the album. ‘Troika’ takes a couple of listens to get on-board with, but when you do you’re rewarded with duelling instruments and a complex backdrop for Addison Siemko’s excellent vocal.

It’s on the quieter moments that you’ll really fall in love with Red Nightfall, ‘Shaker/Heavily’ is an immense track. Although it takes a minimalistic approach it comes out as the strongest, most affecting track on the album. ‘Navi’ takes a similar approach albeit with a punchy groove providing a more immediate oomph to proceedings – the riff towards the middle is especially good. Album closer ‘Lise’ is as measured and assured piece of music you could ask for. Delicate yet powerful, it’s a rousing finish to an excellent album.

AD Rating 7/10

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