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EP Review: The Mould You build Yourself Around by Homebound

Farnham pop punk quartet Homebound release their third EP The Mould You Build Yourself Around on 10th February via Rude Records. This is the sound of Homebound growing as a band, developing and becoming something more than just your average pop punk band.

Speaking of the EP title and content, singer Charlie Boughton reveals, “It is based on the idea that from choosing to be in a band and to pursue music, it has shaped my morals, what I value in life, my personality, the decisions I make whether serious or trivial, literally anything and everything… and ultimately made me who I am today.” Following yesterday’s premiere on the Radio 1 Rock Show, the band have also released the video for lead single ‘Headspace’. Boughton says of its meaning: “It’s very much how it sounds. After any sort of relationship break up, depending on what side of it you are on, there’s always a period of turmoil in which you are battling with yourself and your tendency to overthink and replay scenarios in your head. I found writing the song to be somewhat therapeutic and an effective means in which to vent what I was feeling.”

While Homebound stick to the basic pop punk formula, they manage to create something a little darker, a little more grown up. It feels like there’s a touch more grit to the sound compared to contemporaries Neck Deep and As It Is. ‘Pensive’ is a great example with its angrier more immediate tone while retaining the instantaneous pop punk hooks.

‘Distrait’ and ‘Sonder’ are both bangers with the latter having lashings of emo thrown over the top it’s reminiscent of the punkier side of Moose Blood and every bit as catchy. The Mould You Build Yourself Around manages to set the band out from their UK contemporaries and marks them as something more than your average pop punk band.

AD Rating 7/10

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