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Album Review: Invidia by Ventenner

Ventenner are due to release their new album Invidia on 20th January via Hibernacula Records. You’ll find the band’s sound being pushed in a natural evolution, from the outset there’s heavier and more aggressive tone. Sure it’s not a hundred miles removed from 2014’s Distorture, the electronic and industrial elements, it’s just a bigger more expansive sound.

Recorded at Priory studios during the summer of 2016, the new sound is a combination of a new approach to writing and recording (with doom metal icon Greg Chandler on production duties). As such you can consider this to be a harsher more abrasive version of Ventenner, where Distorture had immersive qualities Invidia feeds off the live energy of the band and translates it to record.

Opening track ‘The Start Is The End’ sounds like a heavy and rambunctious homage to White Zombie, before ‘Break in Two’ and ‘Saligia’ bed in the new churning guitar orientated sound. ‘Enemy’ gives a brief nod to electronica in its intro before developing into a dark and abrasive industrial anthem. Here the new coarser vocal style shines through providing an equal match to the guitars.

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The easy comparison would be Nine Inch Nails (once again) – this time around it’s have to be NIN at their heaviest. Perhaps think very early Marilyn Manson without the weirdness. When it comes to songs like ‘Be Still’ and ‘Only The Empty Remain’ you’ll feel like you’re being transported back the mid-90s when heavy industrial was at its height; yet there’s still something fresh, new and exciting about Invidia. The latter of the two aforementioned tracks is especially strong with its quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach providing a wonderfully counterbalance to each side of the band – the devastatingly heavy guitars sit perfectly beside the atmospheric and introspective moments.

‘Circle’ takes a leave from the Tool playbook before ‘Diving Seed’ and ‘Bruxism’ show Ventenner excelling in the torrential downpour of riffs – ‘Bruxism’ especially revels in some refined chaos, those riffs just beg to be headbanged to. ‘Anamnesis’ marries the riffs with electronic in a myriad of different sounds, however the best is left to last with the utterly superb and emotive ‘Omega’. Clocking in as the albums longest track there’s a grandeur and expansiveness at its core that you instantly fall in love with. The tracks minimalist post rock tones build and build towards the crescendo in the fourth minute, you’re a bundle of emotion by the time it explodes. Wonderful stuff.

Once you get to grips with Ventenner’s evolution in sound Invidia is a very easy album to get on-board with. It sees Ventenner at their strongest and most compelling

AD Rating 7.75/10


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