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EP Review: Don’t Join The Circus by You Break, You Buy

London instrumental rock band You Break, You Buy release their new EP Don’t Join The Circus on 18th January via Lonely Voyage Records. Building upon the unique sound they established with their debut effort, Happy Happenstance, the band expertly blend post rock intricacies and dynamics with a healthy splash of math rock and math pop.

To say that this is the first essential EP release of 2017 isn’t even touching on hyping the record. The bar for 2017 has been set exceptionally high. Opener ‘Neighsayer’ feels like an assured and measured math pop track taking in the best elements of Axes, Quadrilles and the intricacies of Enemies. It’s immediate and infectious, suckering you in and allowing you to get lost in waves of guitar.

‘Infinity Coats’ carries on the same tones while ramping up the riffs, think the measured chaos of You Slut! at their most accessible and you’ll be on the right track. By the end of the track it’s apparent that this is something very special. ‘All Together Better’ comes as a slight surprise with the appearance of vocals. Again it comes out as a delightfully easy and immediate track, the vocals simply act as another texture to immerse yourself in. The gentle post rock tones of ‘Into The Clouds’ is full of atmospherics and sets up the more raucous and math wonder of ‘Fox Feeder’ perfectly. You’ll find ‘Fox Feeder’ to be the standout track – the wild moments are tempered flawlessly by detailed and expansive math intricacies all with a wash of accessibility that you cannot help but fall in love with. Closer ‘Manual of Horsemanship’ is another track straight out of the top drawer. From the big emotive post rock guitar work down to the fun intricacies it’s another track to get lost in.

Simply essential listening. Get all over this. Our only quibble with is Don’t Join The Circus is that it’s an EP, it has left us begging for more.

AD Rating 9/10

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