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Introducing: Old Notes

Old Notes has big plans on the horizon and a new record to fuel the ride. In their August 2016 debut, Former Self, the band has seamlessly blended elements of emo and ambient rock, with twinges of pop-punk instrumentals to create a powerful breakthrough record.

After entering the studio immediately following their April 2016 inception, Old Notes has created a record that is lyrically raw and honest, complemented sonically with wailing guitars and urgent percussions. Former Self takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery through reflections of the past and hopes for the future. Wrought with the anger and regret of pain both caused and endured, the record still maintains a sense of brightness. Former Self serves as a reminder that, although sorrow and change are ever-so-pervasive throughout one’s life, there is peace in the realization that these experiences shape us. Highly relatable and emotional lyrics, coupled with the wailing, trance-like instrumentals, provoke self-reflection and impart a lasting sense of hope for what’s to come. Old Notes has entered the ranks of the best new bands of 2016, and show no signs of slowing down.

Catch the band live at:

1/7 – Programme Skate & Sound – Fullerton, CA
1/13 – All Star Lanes – Los Angeles, CA
2/10 – Programme Skate & Sound

Listen to Former Self below:

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