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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2016: Part 2, 50 – 1

So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the second half of our Top 100 Albums of 2016. From number 50 through to the top spot we’ve loved every one of these albums, this year’s Top 15 is particularly strong – containing some of the best albums we’ve heard in a long time.

Before you make a start on the list, have a gander at the stats behind the Top 100 and Numbers 100 – 51. If you want to reminisce on years past here’s our lists from 2014 and 2015. Naturally the top 50 has the same conditions for inclusion as the first half, all reviews linked with album artwork for 50 – 26 and a little bit about each one from there on in.

50. Burden Piece by CLIQUE


49. Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember


48. Quixota by Broker


47. Endless Light by O’Brother


46. Everything I See by In Dynamics


45. Paper Wings by Henrietta


44. Ode To The Flame by Mantar


43. The Home Inside My Head by Real Friends


42. Melencolia by Poly-Math


41. Polar Similar by Norma Jean


40. Oneiric by Big Jesus


39. Light We Made by Balance and Composure


38. Cubic by LITE


37. Ellipsis by Biffy Clyro

unnamed (1)

36. From Caplan to Belsize by Muncie Girls


35. Abendrot by You Blew It!


34. Friends by White Lies


33. First Day Back by Somos


32. Nattesferd by Kvelertak


31. To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere by Thrice


30. Tired Eyes by Pretend Happy

Pretend Happy

29. Paradise by White Lung


28. Valuables by Enemies


27. Cody by Joyce Manor


26. Moonlover by Ghost Bath


25. At This Age by Signals Midwest


Big American emo at its finest, heartfelt hooks and melodies in abundance here. A stark rise in quality from the band’s debut.

24. Pharmacie by Apologies, I Have None


You’ve got to feel that this was the year that band delivered on their potential and produced an album that summed up the year and spoke to a generation.

23. Blush by Moose Blood


There were big expectations for this after their stunning debut. Blending pop punk with American emo, Moose Blood exceeded all hopes, 2017 is going to be a huge year for them.

22. Shape Shift With Me by Against Me!


No surprises that Against Me! delivered one of the best punk albums of 2016. Consistently one of the best in the business, Laura Jane Grace continues to grow into the role of a wonderful trail blazer.

21. Vile Child by Milk Teeth

milk teeth1

A debut that lived up to and exceeded all expectations. Line-up changes since the album was recorded hint that this might be the band at their rawest and most aggressive. A fresh take on female led grunge.

20. The Dream Is Over by PUP


The Canadian punks came back from the brink of it all ending with a stunning second album. Their take on touring and life in a band, it’s a deeply personal and endearing album.

19. Guidance by Russian Circles


After the slight disappointment of their last album, Russian Circles served up their best album to date. Full of big crunching riffs and post-rock atmospherics this 2016’s finest post-metal album.

18. Shenanigrams by Bear Makes Ninja


A long-awaited debut that merged math rock with pop hooks with aplomb. If the band’s preceding EPs had built up expectations, Shenanigrams delivered and then upped the game. BMN might just become your new favourite band.

17. Celebrate by Tiny Moving Parts


Three albums into their career and Tiny Moving Parts anchored their status as one of the most exciting bands to come out of the US in recent years. Blending elements of math rock and pop punk their sound is both wonderfully unique and familiar.

16. Audio Noir by Bossk


The most surprising thing about Audio Noir is the fact that it was Bossk’s debut. It has the feel of a band that’d honed their sound and strengthened through multiple albums. The combination of pure metal with expansive post-rock make this one of 2016s most enthralling listens.

15. Statues by Black Peaks


A debut by British band that you can get genuinely excited by. Imagine the first time you heard the Deftones – this has all the power albeit with a modern twist. Exhilaratingly heavy yet measured when it needed to be.

14. Instructions by HECK


In a similar vein to the previous entry but falling on the hardcore side of the tracks. A barrage of riffs and impassioned vocals, for the most part, you’ll be hard pushed to find a debut that makes such a hard and immediate impact.

13. Semi Finalists by Paerish


French alt rock has never sounded so good. On the surface it’s standard alt rock, it sticks to the template yet you’ll find it executed with such aplomb that it will become one of your favourite releases of 2016. Such an easy and enjoyable listen.

12. Smother by Frameworks


A superb slice of melodic hardcore. This is your perfect gateway to the hardcore scene, immediate, aggressive and instantaneous in all the right ways. It’s one of those albums that surprises you with its quality on every listen.

11. OK by The Fall Of Troy


The return of The Fall of Troy was only ever going to go two ways. It was never going to just OK; it was either going to bomb or be their best work to date. Here the band take the basis of Doppelgänger update it and produce their best work.

10. Disappointment Island by TTNG


For a band that have grown and changed with each release TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns) this sees the band focusing on the math rock side of their sound. Beautifully complex and creative at every juncture, treat this as your definitive math rock release of 2016. Listen on Spotify

9. Low Teens by Every Time I Die


RIFFS. AGGRESSION. HOOKS. Another band that recovers from a disappointing preceding album with their best work to date. This is the album on which ETID play to all their strengths – it’s their heaviest and most aggressive whilst also being the most accessible. Listen on Spotify

8. Promise Everything by Basement


Returning with their first album since a hiatus in 2012, Basement penned their finest album in Promise Everything. While sticking to the band’s base sound it feels a little more adult and refined. Rammed with emotion and unbelievably relatable. The only way this could be more American would be if they were actually American. Listen on Spotify

7. The Bones of a Dying World by If These Trees Could Talk


Now this is the essential post-rock album of 2016. Mastering riffs with expansive and dynamic instrumentals you can’t help but be drawn in and find yourself totally immersed in this album. Atmospheric and personal throughout. Listen on Spotify

6. Goodness by The Hotelier


With this their third album, The Hotelier jumped from abrasive post-hardcore into something more measured and assured. Sure it might have one foot in emo drenched post-hardcore, but the other dipped into an expansive alt rock sound that mastered a heartfelt atmosphere. This pushed the band into a more accessible sound yet retained all raw emotion of previous work. Listen on Spotify

5. Air by Astronoid


An album that nearly passed us by. It would’ve done completely if we hadn’t read an article about bands blending metal with other kinds of music. Here you have touches of thrash metal and black metal layered with post-metal and post-rock structures along with post-hardcore style hooks. It’s a sound that suckers you in from the start and is accessible enough to have something for everyone. Listen on Spotify

4. Dissociation by The Dillinger Escape Plan


In what is most likely to be the band’s swansong, The Dillinger Escape Plan came out fighting with Dissociation. Bitterly aggressive, complex, thunderous and innovative the band continues to push its boundaries right up to the final note. They’ve never been an ‘easy’ listen, but they do what they do with aplomb and they’ll be sorely missed. Listen on Spotify

3. Stage Four by Touché Amore

Touché Amore pushed their sound into something bigger and greater with Stage Four. Moving from hardcore into something more expansive and all encompassing. While musically progressive it’s the raw emotion, vulnerability and journey through illness that really makes this a wonderful album. Listen on Spotify

2. Gore by Deftones


With Gore the Deftones produced one of their most progressive and forward thinking albums. While many of their contemporaries have disappeared or gone limp, the Deftones continue to push their sound and do something different with each album, here they’re at their heaviest and most beautiful. Listen on Spotify

1. American Football by American Football


Need we actually say anything. The kings are back. The gentle and intoxicating mix of emo and post-rock is every bit as sublime as on their 1999 debut. If this is the result of a 14 year hiatus it should be a requisite of every band.

So there you have it our full Top 100 done and dusted. Give us some abuse on Facebook or Twitter if you disagree with our selections!


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