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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2016: Part 1, 100 – 51

Following up on our Album of the Year stats yesterday, it’s time for the first half of the Top 100.

There’s not going to be any messing around here, plain list of 100 – 51 with a link to our review. As per normal it’s studio albums only, no live albums, re-issues, compilations or soundtracks. Enjoy!

100. Separate States by Puddle Splasher
99. Stay Lost by Sianvar
98. Isn’t Real by Half Hearted Hero
97. Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball
96. What It Means To Be by Belle Noire
95. You Might Be Right by Happy Accidents
94. Revolution Radio by Green Day
93. The Bend in the Break by Dangers
92. Tidal Wave by Taking Back Sunday
91. Hail Something by Dikembe
90. Standards by Into It Over It
89. Drive North by SWMRS
88. Stillicide by Helms Alee
87. Paper Prisms by Simmer
86. Prey by Planes Mistaken For Stars
85. Newborn Mind by Napoleon
84. Eternal Return by United Fruit
83. Inhale Exhale by Donnie Willow
82. Onward To Fracture Town by Halcyon Hope
81. Narrow Defeats and Bitter Victories by Gascan Ruckus
80. Only Ghosts by Red Fang
79. Veles by Au Revoir
78. Technologist Unknown by Masiro
77. The Solution Is The Problem by I Plead Irony
76. Congratulations by Holy Pinto
75. Plan Totality by Deniers
74. Howdilly Doodilly by Okilly Dokilly
73. Marked for Death by Emma Ruth Rundle
72. Tom’s Story by Tom’s Story
71. Painted Blue by Austeros
70. Bliss by Envoys
69. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects
68. Hitch by The Joy Formidable
67. Be Nothing by Boston Manor
66. High Power by The Dirty Nil
65. Safehaven by Tides From Nebula
64. The Wreckage by Holy Fever
63. Broken Lines by Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
62. Zero Worship by Young Legionnaire
61. This Was Never My Story Its Yourd by Lastoneout
60. Permanent Rainbow by Nervus
59. The Evil That We Do by Schnarff Schnarff
58. California by Blink-182
57. Right Hand Left Hand by Right Hand Left Hand
56. Backbone by ROAM
55. Empty Colours by Fall Of Messiah
54. No Anchor by Ship Thieves
53. Uniola by Look Mexico
52. A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings by Beach Slang
51. You Make Everything Disappear by Trade Wind



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