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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2016: The Stats

It’s our favourite time of the year… Album of the Year list time.

A wonderful time of year when you can revisit some of the best releases, weigh them against each other and change your mind multiple times.

This year it’s bigger and better on Alt Dialogue, we’ve decided to expand out to a Top 100. We’ll deliver it in two sections so it’s easier to digest, the readers’ poll will also make a return and perhaps in the most exciting news we’re going to whet your appetite with Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2016: The Stats.

So here goes…

  • At the time of publishing we’d reviewed 114 albums for 2016. We didn’t review the Mogwai or 65 Days of Static soundtracks or any compilations so don’t complain about them being excluded. The 14 albums not to make the Top 100 were:

Integrity Blues by Jimmy Eat World

Hardwired to Self-Distruct by Metallica

Blackout by One Days Notice

Anti-Circle by World Be Free

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Universal Thee

The Parts We Save by Heel

Bright Colours by Dead Stars

To The Rhythm by Knola

Learn To Leave by My Iron Lung

13 Voices by Sum 41

Phanton of the Hill by Galactic Pegasus

Britn3y by Britney

I’m Not Well by Black Foxxes

If I’m The Devil by Letlive


  • The Top 100 contained 14 nationalities with American (51) and English (31) dominating. The Top 20 drops to 4 nationalities – American (12), English (6), French (1) and Canadian (1).


  • Albums released in May (15) and September (14) were the highest represents with April (13) and October (12) close behind. No albums released in November made it into the Top 20


  • 58 different record labels (with 16 albums self-released) feature in the Top 100 with Hopeless Records (5 albums) and Epitaph, Topshelf Records and Sargent House (4 each) featuring most.


  • Lastly in the most worthless stat available…. Bands whose name begins with a ‘B’ (12) or a ‘H’ (9) are the most represented. (“The” has been excluded otherwise ‘T’ would, naturally, have been the most popular).


Try to contain your excitement for a day or two before we publish albums 100 – 51. In the meantime check out last year’s top 50, our top 50 from 2014 and stream last years number 1 (Dealer by Foxing) below.


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