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EP Review: Some Of Us May Never Bloom by Rootwork

Rootwork returned with their new EP Some Of Us May Never Bloom, out on 18th November 2016 via Ubiquity Project Records. Creating a sound that is as brutal as it is harmonic, Rootwork have embraced many of the elements of modern metal music perfectly taking the listener on a journey through metal, stoner rock, prog, post-hardcore and doom-pop over this five tracked EP.

Opener ‘Trust’ takes you back to early/mid-2000s metal – there’s hints of SCIENCE-era Incubus albeit with ballsier riffs and a soaring vocal. It wavers between the delectable and the challenging when they get it right it sounds wonderful, luckily ‘Ozymandias’ is more hit than miss with angular riffs creating the perfect backdrop to the commanding vocals. Travelling from full-on metal riffs to prog rock it hints at the range in Rootwork.

‘Zero’ is the most accessible track on the album, taking more of a traditional rock approach it’s easy on the ear and straight to the point. Although it’s a shade lighter than the previous two tracks it still has killer heavy riffs in abundance. ‘Outliers’ ramps up the heavy riffs and forms and majestic modern metal track. Again it’s very accessible, perhaps the vocals are a little too ‘clean’ though. EP closer ‘No End To The Wheel’ manages to combine the best elements of Rootwork’s sound and as such is the standout track of the EP. Crushingly heavy while taking a doom-pop nod with post-hardcore style harmonies it’s hard not to like the track.

Big things are surely just around the corner for Rootwork

AD Rating 7.5/10


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