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EP Review: I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again by Toy Mountains

Glasgow quartet Toy Mountains release their new EP I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again on 25th November via Crooked Noise Records. Blending big post-hardcore with elements of math rock and progressive alt rock it feels like an ambitious and well-honed EP.

Commenting on the new record, the band say: “I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again is ultimately a culmination of where we all are in our lives – and all the triumphs and anxieties that accompany that. It details our experiences as twenty-somethings attempting to chase and a build a career in something we are all passionate about, whilst simultaneously being uncertain about the future. All of the songs on the record pull in the same direction, rather than being many different parts that are unnaturally forced together.”

Opener ‘Hard Done By’ has the hallmarks of a technically proficient post-hardcore anthem, heavy riffs sit alongside intricate parts and the hook is killer. While there’s a nod to the genre’s heyday of the mid 2000s it feels fresh and current. ‘Full Circle’ goes for the full on aggressive post-hardcore tones – dealing with frustrations of everyday life the aggression reverberates through your speakers in both the crushing riffs and impassioned vocal.

‘Old Friends’ feels like a more accessible track, going slightly lighter on the aggression and riffs it’s more of a complex beast. The vocals are a little easier to take while retaining a similar level of emotion. ‘Everything Ends’ is the standout track of the EP. Blending the heaviness with the more accessible elements it feels like a blend of Glassjaw and Reuben. It’s a remarkably strong track. Closer ‘Sight Reading’ gives the EP its ambitious and epic track, clocking in just shy of 7 minutes the piano intro segues nicely into gentle guitars before the track builds (with increasing emotion) towards it crushing finish.

This an essential EP, get in on the Toy Mountains action now.

AD Rating 8/10

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