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Album Review: Howdilly Doodilly by Okilly Dokilly

If you can get past the gimmick of Okilly Dokilly you’ll find their recent debut album Howdilly Doodilly is actually pretty good. Playing “Nedal” music; a subgenre of metal music themed around the animated character Ned Flanders from the television series The Simpsons. All five of the band’s members perform dressed as Flanders, and the majority of the lyrics to their songs are quotes of his. The band members go by the names Head Ned, Bled Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned and Stead Ned.

It’s a gimmick that’s garnered the band worldwide attention and it’s one that is so obvious and in your face that you’ll find it endearing. It’s backed up with some killer riffs, light and amusing lyrics and songs that actually have some credibility. Compare that to the altogether more sinister gimmick of lots of white/black make-up, a good looking singer and pop metal (we’re looking at bands like Black Veil Brides) which has the sole purpose of making as money as possible out of teenage girls and you’ll see Okilly Dokilly in a more favourable light. Essentially this seems like five guys that are old enough to know better having a bit of a laugh.

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Album opener and lead single ‘White Wine Spritzer’ is accessible metal done to a tee. There’s hits of hardcore to vocals while the hook is instantaneous and accessible enough to win over the weaker willed. While both ‘Flanderdoodles’ and ‘Vegetables’ may well be nonsense in terms of lyrics, again they’re both highly enjoyable. If you’ve never heard ‘Gone Away’ by The Offspring then you’ll probably enjoy ‘Nothing At All’ otherwise you’ll easily dismiss it as a metalcore rip-off.

There’s a good pop metal bounce to ‘You’re A Jerk’ with a killer riff thrown into the mix before ‘Sacrifice’ blends some stunningly immediate metal riffs with ear churningly awful operatic and Americana moments. Both ‘Press Destruct Button’ and ‘More Animal Than Flan’ could easily sit on a more serious metal album if it wasn’t for the gimmick. There’s a couple of duds in the form of ‘They Warned Me’, 50% of ‘Panic Room’ and ‘Good Little Doodle’ seeing out the album, but on the whole it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and surprisingly good album.

For a genre that often takes itself too seriously Okilly Dokilly inject a healthy dose of light heartedness. Howdilly Doodilly won’t go down as a classic, but it’s worthy of your attention.

AD Rating 7/10

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