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Album Review: Air by Astronoid

OK we might be criminally late to the party, 5 months to be precise, but this is one we couldn’t let slip. When we stumbled upon the debut full length album Air by Astronoid we were blown away. This is essential, this is a genuine album of the year contender.

The Boston five piece have created an album that takes the finest points of the in vogue blackgaze scene, ramped up the post rock influences and added luscious harmonies making it accessible and instantly infectious. The first thing you’ll hear is the crushing power akin to Deafheaven – the riffs and blast beats play big parts in opening tracks ‘Incandescent’ and ‘Up and Atom’ but it obvious more than just that. The latter has some delicious harmonies that hint towards a Jimmy Eat World influence while the former delves headlong into epic post rock territories that conjure God Is An Astronaut similarities.

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It’s a blend of styles that you can’t imagine working until you experience it. Sure Deafheaven blended black metal with shoegaze and Artic Sleep blended brutal heavy metal riffs with post rock, but it’s that added element of pop harmonies and clean vocals that make this standout as something very special.

For an album that spans 50 plus minutes and containing only one track that dips below the 4-and-a-half-minute mark it is remarkably focused and honed. It has all the hallmarks of an epic post rock masterpiece paired with the power and impact of a modern heavy metal album with the durability and infectiousness of a pop rock album. You get the sense that there’s something for every discernible rock fan and once you immerse yourself you find it impossible to believe that somebody couldn’t love it.

All nine tracks on Air are excellent, there’s not a single lull in quality, even the gentle interlude of ‘Violence’ shines through as being of the highest standard. Whether it be the infectiousness of ‘Resin’, the sprawling post rock of ‘Homesick’ or the power and blast beats of titled track ‘Air’ it is an album that harnesses multiple styles and allows you to lose yourself and escape the world. We could easily of deep dived and talked about every track but we’d have been here all day and it would have been 1000+ words. This needs your attention, get all over it. Don’t make our mistake and get yourselves acquainted with Astronoid right now.

AD Rating 9.75/10

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