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Album Review: Abendrot by You Blew It!

Florida’s You Blew It! release their new album Abendrot on 11th November via Big Scary Monsters / Triple Crown. Produced by Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss at Atlas Studios in Chicago, this might not be what you’ve come to expect from the band.

Recorded in a month with nearly six months’ worth of tinkering with song structures beforehand made for a focused recording process. The attention to detail plays through into the music this time around the band sound denser, more detailed, more intensive. The shift isn’t just in the music, lyrically it’s darker – dealing with singer Tanner Jones’ mental health. Overall there’s still that sheen of emo, just perhaps more refined and adult. This is closer to US label mates Foxing.

On first listen you could be forgiven for feeling a little disappointed. It’s quite the shift and something you should probably prepare for, if you’re expecting that Weezer-esque charm of their first album then you will be disappointed. Prepare yourself and you’ll find a wonderfully textured and beautiful album that grows with each listen.

Songs like ‘Hue’ and ‘Autotheology’ are up there with the best songs you’ll hear this year – they’ll also be your perfect entry points bridging the gap between the old and new sounds of the band. Throw in ‘Canary’ and you’ve got the three most immediate and instantly enjoyable tracks on the album. The latter is especially charming – there’s a light and airy sound before the bigger guitars crash in and it takes on a more expansive approach.

‘Like Myself’ and ‘Greenwood’ are more growers. They perhaps lack the immediacy of the afore mentioned tracks but with each listen they’ll engrain themselves and become favourites. It’s their emo-indie textures that make it so endearing, ‘Forecasting’ is the best of the other tracks blending the lighter tones with dynamic and direct riffs giving a somewhat skewed quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach.

‘Minorwye’ takes a slowburner approach and it does it the world of good. There’s a wonderful fragility at its basis, covered in emotion you fall in love with the track. You beg for to explode in a hail of riffs and while it may purposely frustrate in not doing so it makes the impact of ‘Arrowhead’ even more stunning. Ramping up the raw feeling and delicateness from before and you’ll find a track so full of pure emotion that you can’t help but be moved. It doesn’t quite explode rather focusing on a release of riffs that feel like you’re being set free. ‘Basin & Range’ restores some of the easier to handle emo-punk of ‘Canary’ and ‘Hue’ before closer ‘Kerning’ signs of Abendrot in a swell of emotion.

Once you get to grips with the change you’ll find one of the most endearing and relatable albums of 2016. This is the best version of You Blew It! you need this album in your life.

AD Rating 8/10

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