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EP Review: Coma Happy by Fang Club

Irish rock act Fang Club release their new EP Coma Happy on 18th November via Vertigo. This is a band that are going to be huge. With their Bullet Head EP released earlier in the year, Coma Happy builds upon the high octane raw rock that will surely see the band become mainstream rock favourites.

Imagine a better and more accessible version of Dinosaur Pile-Up and you’re on the money. While there’s nothing particularly ground breaking about Fang Club it, rather importantly, is just good honest rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a nod to the slacker rock of the 90s neatly tied together with instantaneous pop rock hooks.

Lead single ‘Dreamcatcher’ is an absolute belter of a track – there’s no messing around – big rock riffs crash over immediate hooks coming together in 3 and half minutes of pure unashamed raw rock. It’s difficult for the rest of the EP to live up to the initial high standard but both ‘Follow’ and ‘Inside Joke’ give it an impressive attempt. Closer ‘Coma Happy’ is the weakest out of all four yet would find itself shining as the best track on any other EP.

Essentially this is infectious, inoffensive rock. Fang Club have laid the foundations for what could be a hugely successful career.

AD Rating 7/10

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