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Album Review: This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours by Lastoneout

Post-Hardcore quartet Lastoneout release their new mini album This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours’ on 4th November. 7 slabs of pure post-hardcore this will transport you back to the mid-2000s when the genre was in full strength.

Speaking on the record, guitarist Liam West said, “When we decided to start writing and recording for this mini album, we knew we wanted to push ourselves further than we had before. We spent months agonizing over each individual part of each song, while leaving enough open to let things naturally happen in the studio. We are incredibly proud of what has come out of it.”

Whether this is a homage to the mid-2000s or the band keeping the genre alive is for you to decide (why can’t it be both?). Who cares though? It’s good. It’s infectious and reminds you of a vibrant and hearty scene. If that scene wasn’t for you then, it won’t be for you now, but for those of us who fell in love with Funeral For A Friend, Story Of The Year and My Chemical Romance at the time this is a wonderful reminder of the time.

‘It’s Better To Burn Out’ and ‘Two Months Eight Weeks’ are excellent tracks that will get you moving and raise a smile. ‘Box Of Matches’ couldn’t be anymore Funeral For A Friend if it tried while ‘He’s In A Bad Way’ is an excellent chunk of emo laden post-hardcore. Sure none of this is going to break the mould but it does a pretty excellent job of transporting you back 10 years.

Have a reminisce and enjoy.

AD Rating 7/10

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