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EP Review: Demimonde by Calligram

Black metal / hardcore act Calligram release their new EP Demimonde on 4th November. Imagine a visceral blend of piercing black metal and aggression heavy hardcore and you’ll be on the right track.

Whether it be the blast beats and vocal pointing towards a black metal core or the anger and churning heavy riffs bearing the hardcore sole there’s something deeply compelling to Calligram. Opener ‘Red Rope’ has the feel of a big black metal track compared to ‘Bed of Nails’ which comes in on the hardcore side of things. The riffs in the latter are particularly raucous and full of such aggression you’ll find the song close to bursting point. Both tracks are equally as good and you’ll find the blend of styles grows on you as the EP progresses.

‘Drowned’ has such brutality it’s a little hard to comprehend on first listen. Persevere and you’ll find the riffs engraining themselves and it’ll become you’re go-to track of Demimonde. ‘Black Velvet’ showcases the raw talent of Calligram, it’s a commanding and powerful yet still a little pink around the edges. ‘Bataclan’ is the moment where you think Calligram might be something special, airing on the majestic, it’s a haunting and compelling track that leaves a lasting impression.

While you can’t knock the energy and impact of this EP, you just feel there’s a little left in the tank – it could be a little neater, that will come with time and Calligram have bags of potential.

AD Rating 7/10

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