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EP Review: What Are You Thinking About? by Red Light Runner

Kent indie punks Red Light Runner release their new EP What Are You Thinking About? via Engineer Records on 21st October. Returning after a six year hiatus, the EP acts as a re-introduction to band, a statement of intent, a sign of the good things to come.

Red Light Runner’s influences are worn on their sleeves, there’s more than a subtle nod to Jimmy Eat World, The Gaslight Anthem and The Get Up Kids, but it works brilliantly. As a whole the five tracks on the EP come in as uplifting, immediate and easy to get on board with. Opener ‘First Time’ is a big indie punk song, catchy and infectious before the title track relies heavily on the Jimmy Eat World influences. Although it’s a good track it’s a difficult to see it more than an homage to it’s inspiration.

‘Make You Pay’ is more of the same really, a decent track though. ‘Right Place Wrong Time’ is the best track on the album – there’s a slightly different twist, taking the template of the previous three tracks but with their own sound and voice coming to the fore. EP closer ‘Be Mine Again’ has some good punk pomp amongst the infectious hooks, a bright finish.

The talent behind Red Light Runner is obvious, hopefully they’re able to hone their sound and come into their own.

AD Rating 6/10

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