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Album Review: You Make Everything Disappear by Trade Wind

Trade Wind will release their debut album You Make Everything Disappear via End Hits Records in the UK on 7th October. While the individual members (living scattered all over North America) focus on intense Hardcore with their respective main bands Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and Structures, Trade Wind emphasizes the prefix “Post” as well as a constant musical flow, rather than short outbursts.

Big sonic landscapes, subtle melodies and melancholy are the order of the day here, while the root of the sound may be in post hardcore it veers off into chilled indie, pop and programmed drum beats. While there may be nods to the member’s full time bands this feels more like a release of other influences, letting out their more expansive melodic sides. It’s all about the cathartic release right down to the lyrics as guitarist / singer Jesse Barnett says, “The album is a story of everything a person can feel when they lose something they love with all of their heart. When you get caught in that trap between 2 things that make you happy and they both demand so much from you. Sometimes you have to walk away. Even if it kills you.”

Opener ‘I Hope I Don’t Wake Up’ is drenched in a harder post hardcore style that defies the rest of the album. It’s heavy and has an underlying aggression, but notably any heavy shouting and riffs are overshadowed by the melody that comes to the fore. ‘Tatiana (I Miss You So Much)’ is the moment that makes you think Trade Wind could be something very special. Needless to say it’s about lost love, but the emotion and gusto behind the track is truly glorious – it hits you hard and you can’t help but be impressed.

Then there’s ‘Radio Songs’ and ‘Grey Light’ which are just completely different. Forget the post hardcore of the proceeding tracks it’s all about the melodic and chilled indie tones here. The former is a beautifully fragile slow track while the latter hones the idea of a melodic and expansive indie track, think a subtler version of The Temper Trap. While it may be starkly different, it’s just as impressive and emotionally hard hitting.

‘Rare’ comes in somewhere in-between the two styles – an understated post hardcore track wracked with chilling emotion before ‘Untitled’ serves up a short piano led slab of pure, fragile emotion. Album closer ‘Je T’aimerais Toujours’ is just a delight, refined and measured in every way it bridges the melodic elements of the band’s post hardcore sound with a discernible indie/pop sensibility that you cannot help but fall in love with. As side projects go this has to be one of the very best.

AD Rating 8/10

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