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EP Review: Naked Awareness by The Surrealist

Instrumental duo The Surrealist release their debut EP Naked Awareness on 16th September. While their debut single ‘Self Spiral’ may have hinted at what they’re all about, be prepared to look down the rabbit hole of mind bending intricacies and progressive dynamics.

We’ll make no bones about Naked Awareness it certainly isn’t an easy listen. It challenges the listener at every juncture. Containing just guitarist Roopam Garg and drummer John-Marc Degaard the end sound is both remarkable and awe inspiring.

Naked Awareness is an EP that was 2 years in the making and the result of constant analysis and flaw finding. You could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the band went a little far in the search of the perfect track – it’s all too easy to re-touch and re-visit a track so much you end up doing it damage. It’s on the middle two tracks that you sense this could have been a problem. Both ‘Canvas Sky’ and ‘Flowering of Consciousness’ have moments where they disappear into an overly complex world that goes beyond challenging the listener. Then again there’s moments when the tracks are given a bit of freedom to explore and become the beasts that they are, it’s in the thunderous drum beats and occasional heavy riffs that make you think The Surrealist are due to become something special.

Final track ‘Waves of Naked Awareness’ excels with the sense that it sounds a little looser and less constrained by over analysis. With that you get the sense of more energy and get a real feel for who the Surrealist is. This is a great announcement and big things will come of The Surrealist

AD Rating 7/10

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