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EP Review: Sad by Kamikaze Girls

Leeds/London duo Kamikaze Girls release their debut EP Sad on 2nd September via Bearded Punk (UK/EU) / Wiretap Records (US). Let it be noted now, they’re going to be huge. This is the freshest, most invigorating EP you’ll hear this year.

What makes this pair tick? First and foremost, Kamikaze Girls want you to know that it’s okay to be sad. Since 2014 the Riot Grrrl duo, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson, have used music as a means to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health. Their aim has always been to show their strength and solidarity to other young people in the same position, through their vitriolic fuzz-rock and to work alongside other bands in the scene to help stamp out gender stereotypes in music for good.

While the fuzzed up grunge of Hexxes takes on anxiety with the lyrics “Psychosis, you’re messing with my head again / While I’m pulling out my eyelashes you’re fast asleep in bed” there’s a relatable feel behind the invigorating and compelling music. ‘Stitches’ throbs and boils in a stooper of 90s female led rock before the pummelling drive of ‘I Hate Funerals’ excites and throws the listener into waves of fuzzy guitar riffs and impassioned vocals.

‘Ladyfuzz’ stands out as the most immediately accessible track on the EP. The lighter feels marries perfectly with Lucinda Livingstones vocal before it takes sporadic detours down the harsher grunge feel of earlier tracks. The quiet/loud/quiet/loud approach work wonderfully. ‘Black Coffee’ runs like a big ‘fuck you’ before ‘Tonic Youth’ takes the preceding track’s hint of post-punk and ramps it up a notch in a raucous and aggressive end to the EP.

This is how a debut EP should be done, what an announcement. Kamikaze Girls are due to become your new favourite band.

AD Rating 8/10

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