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EP Review: This Room & You by My Only

Norfolk/Cambridge based emo punk quartet My Only release their debut EP This Room & You on 2nd September. Lo-fi and emo laden punk tracks are the order of the day. Imagine a more visceral, brutal version of Basement or Brand New and you’ll be on the right track.

At the core of My Only’s sound you have that emo lament that suckered you in the first time you heard Basement. At times you’ll have to dig deep to get through to that though, opener ‘A Little (Less)’ hints at it but it gets swallowed up by the crashing riffs and screamed vocal. ‘I Had to Pay For Every Breath I Took’ has the hallmarks of a big emo track even with the cacophony of riffs, yet it’s not until ‘Saboteur’ that you get a real feel for the EP.

‘Saboteur’ is a more traditional emo number with soaring guitar parts reaching for post-hardcore territory, creating an infectious dynamic. The abrasive vocal works well against the more refined structure. ‘No World Without You’ is similarly strong with less bluster and a more refined take on the emo genre. My Only do emo well, unfortunately it’s overshadowed with hardcore elements on the opening two tracks. They’ve got bags of potential though and this is surely only the start of great things.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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