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News: Mixtape Volume 1 – Stream and Track by Track guide

With less than a day to go until release date we thought why not give you an exclusive stream and run through of each track. ENJOY!

Grieving – My Friend The Ghost
Big anthemic alt rock with subtle washes of emo and post-hardcore. These boys have the potential to be huge. This is their strongest track to date

WeCameFromWolves – Away to Live Forever
In the words of the band themselves this is their most unappreciated track. We’d tend to agree. Lifted from their Paradise Place EP, this hinted at the greatness of their debut.

Gold Phoenix – Back To You
Storming indie rock with a hit of blues. Part of you will be reminded of The Black Keys or a fussed up White Stripes. Either way it’s great.

Colorbred – Mistakes
One of our favourite little known bands. Intricate and passionate post-hardcore blended with the structure and panache of math rock.

They Called Him Zone – The Rain Comes Down
We fell in love with this track as soon as it made its way into our inbox. There’s a distinct 80’s indie sound mixed with hints of early Bloc Party. Wonderful stuff

Flood Manual – Window
One of our must watch bands from the UK. It’s still a little rough around the edges but there’s bags of potential here. The indie/emo template has been set and the band will surely go from strength to strength.

Small Hours – Adrift
A cracking song that shows the depth of the genuine talent emerging from the UK at the moment. We’ve already become huge fans of Small Hours with their blend of Basement-esque emo. This is essential.

Pet Library – House Parties II
Think a blend of Tiny Moving Parts with a hint of early The Hotelier. It’s short and snappy, utterly infectious and you can’t help but fall in love with it.

From States Away – Fight or Fight
Need a healthy dose of pop punk? Like your guitars a little heavier than normal? From States Away deliver up instantaneous pop punk with a real attitude. Neck Deep for the fan who likes a bit of integrity.

Where Fires Are – Your Brother
Things are slowed down a notch with the atmospheric, call-to-arms tones of Where Fires Are. This is the band’s big anthem, the chorus suckers you in and begs to be sung along to.

Chapter and Verse – The New Breed
The new breed indeed. Lifted from their most recent EP, this is the top end of emerging UK alt rock. This is the sound of 2016 – similar in sound to Black Peaks and HECK, Chapter and Verse add a whole new element with that wonderful vocal.

COVE – Buried
Has the mixtape been a little light so far? Surely this monstrous beast will solve that. Visceral metal at its very best, COVE waver towards hardcore while retaining the more accessible elements of traditional metal.

Catch Fire – Introspective Part II
OK take a breath, normal order is restored with this delightfully serene and heartfelt track from Catch Fire. Acoustic pop punk at its finest, this is ridiculously catchy and enamouring. One that your teenage sister would enjoy.

Brave Vultures – With Me
Being the band’s debut single this set their stall out in real style. Modern day punk with a panache and sheen that you can’t help but fall in love with. Relatable and genuine, keep your eyes on these guys

Not Today – This Song Sounded Better In My Head
Who thought it would be a good idea to mix the poppiest pop punk with metal riffs? It shouldn’t work but it does. Similar to the easycore of Chunk! No Captain Chunk! you’ll find it hard not to get suckered in.

The Decline – I Don’t Believe
Pop Punk straight from Australia, The Decline are hard weathered and legends in their own right – as such you aren’t going to get any better than this. This is the pinnacle of pop punk.

Treason This – Joy Final
Let this slice of indie ease you into the final third of the mixtape. It’s a song of growing up and being a little unsure of yourself. It’s a coming of age tale of disenfranchised youth, as the track builds into an angry punky number you get the feeling that great things could become of Treason This.

Deepshade – Ganzua
Fuzzed up heavy stoner rock is the order of the day here. Take equal parts of Mastodon, Fu Manchu and Alice In Chains and you’ve got a pretty accurate idea of Deepshade’s sound.

Zephyranthes – Suck It Out Your Shirt
Once you get your tongue around the band’s name you’re in for a real treat. Complex and progressive while being accessible is a rare quality – The Mars Volta’s friendlier cousin if you will.

Schnarff Schnarff – Fear
Things are due to explode for Schnarff Schnarff this year. Lifted from their forthcoming debut album (due in September), Fear is an excellent track the shows just how good the Scots are. Alt Rock at its finest.

Eat Defeat – The North Remembers
A riotous and visceral punk attack. Hard hitting and infectious in equal measures, an anthem for the disenfranchised and fed up.

Born Only Yesterday – 2 Miles For Me is a 1000 for You
The first of a couple of emerging acts from Northern Ireland. This is the more accessible of the two, punky and enjoyable.

Lost Avenue – Sudden Death
Released as part of a double A-side, Sudden Death is the go to point of reference for Lost Avenue. Snarling yet accessible alt rock, big things are due for these Derry boys.

USA Nails – Don’t Lie to me Clock I Know What Time it is
A live, non-album track worth the price of the mixtape alone. Experimental and progressive as USA Nails get. Ridiculous and endearing it makes you love the band even more.

Deniers – Butcher’s Hook
Lifted from the band’s debut album this tracks highlights just how good the duo are. Like a more frantic and impetuous version of the Japandroids.

Sere Trouble – Headphones
Fresh and invigorating, this delightful female led punk rock sets Sere Trouble out as one of our favourite new acts of 2016.

Schemata Theory – Horror Show
This is mainstream alt rock done to its 2016 finest. Angry, impassioned and full of monstrous riffs you really couldn’t ask for more.

We Are Carnivores – You Can’t Argue With Sharks
As we said in our review of the EP this was lifted from, We Are Carnivores are the math rock band to watch in 2016. They manage to combine complex and technical riffs with some devilishly infectious hooks.

Bear Makes Ninja – Banned From Chicken
A real favourite here in Alt Dialogue towers. BMN released their debut album this year and it (and especially this track) exceeded all expectations. Gloriously accessible math rock

Lost In The Riots – Halcyon Days of Summer
Lifted from Move On, Make Trailsour favourite album of 2014 – post-rock gets no better than this. Let those riffs wash over you, feel the emotion, enjoy it, embrace it.

Quadrilles – Into Ludes
Self-described math pop, Quadrilles are one of the finest UK bands about. Blending serene moments with hooks and complex riffs this brings segues wonderfully into the final two tracks

Lighteater – Flux
Big and expansive post rock from the USA. Moments of crushing riffs complement the soaring landscape to form a diverse and varied sound. What pummels you changes into something that strokes you to sleep.

Summon the Octopi – Slobodan The Sloth
We end the mixtape in Berlin and with a track the marries the finest elements of post-rock with hints of mathy intricacies. Bold, expressive and ambitious it signs us off in real style.


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