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EP Review: Theodore’s A Don, Bro by We Are Carnivores

Nottingham math rock act We Are Carnivores follow up their 2014 EP Tex-Mexiconomy with their new EP Theodore’s A Don, Bro (released on 22nd July). This new EP sees the band solidify the ideas on Tex-Mexiconomy and carve out a niche for themselves that makes them one of 2016’s essential math rock bands.

Blending the knack for a hook with conventional math rock intricacies and an amusing take on modern life We Are Carnivores have come up trumps on Theodore’s A Don, Bro. On first listen many will probably find this a little too abrasive or too off kilter, persevere and the challenge becomes a pleasure.

‘Scottish Power’ goes from being a coarse cacophony of guitars and drums to a two fingers to the man raucous run through of math rock. ‘You Can’t Argue With Sharks’ blends some of the bands most intricate work with an infectious hook, while the title track grows from stomping yet ineffective opener into a powerful and forthright statement of intent within a couple of listen.

Special praise has to be reserved for ‘I’m Not An Alcoholic, I Just Collect Bottles’. This is mainstream math rock at its finest. This is the sound of a band on the rise, huge things are in store for We Are Carnivores. Get in on the action now.

AD Rating 7/10

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